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DS-6600LS and DS9000LS – Offer Double the Stroke for Medium-sized Payloads

Available in 6600 lbf and 8800 lbf models, the new long stroke shakers from Dynamic Solutions offer double the displacement and three times the warranty of traditional wide band electrodynamic shaker systems. Conservatively rated for reliable continuous duty testing, the long stroke series was designed to meet today’s demanding high displacement random and shock test requirements with small to medium sized specimens.

Our long stroke series raises the bar with FOUR INCHES of peak-to-peak displacement!!

Often eliminating the need for messy hydraulic shakers and stand-alone shock test equipment, the long stroke series increases the spectrum of your lab’s testing capability without requiring additional real estate and capital expense.

Driven by our solid-state switching amplifiers with state-of-the-art IGBT technology, the LS-series is 100% air-cooled and ruggedly constructed and tested in compliance with ISO: 5344… and like all of our systems, the long stroke shakers are backed by our signature THREE YEARS PARTS and ONE YEAR LABOR warranty – unsurpassed in the industry.

All Dynamic Solutions shakers come standard in a rotating trunnion base with pneumatic isolators, eliminating the need for expensive reaction masses, and an optical positioning sensor for automatic armature centering. Optional combined bases with guided oil film or bearing line slip table assemblies and a variety of head expanders are also available.

DS-6600LS Specifications

Force Rating (lbf) Sine 6600
Random 6600
Shock 13,200
Velocity Sine 71 ips
Displacement* Continuous 3.5”
Shock 4”
Max Acceleration Sine 75g
Random** 40g
Frequency Range DC to 2,600Hz
Resonance Frequency 2,400Hz
Load Support (Max)* 661 lbs.
Armature Weight 88 lbs.
Armature Diameter 16”
Mounting Inserts 24 x M10
150mm, 250mm, 350mm
(8 each)
Max Armature Current   350A
Amplifier SA35 (35 kva)
Cooling Blower 10 hp
Field Rated Voltage 100% 270VDC
50% 160VDC
Amplifier Output   350A
Facility Power 460V; 3 Ph; 80 FLA

DS9000LS Specifications

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